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Policies and Procedures

Parent Handbook
Pre-Entrance Conference

Parents must visit our facility before entrance to meet your child’s potential teacher and see briefly how our program is run. We can answer questions and familiarize your child with the area he/she will be in. You will receive Toddler Town’s enrollment and medical forms at that time. These will need to be filled out and returned by the parent and family doctor before the first day of attendance. You will have 30 days to get your Immunization Form and Health care summary turned into us. There will be a two-week trial period to find out how well your child will adjust to our center. Within this two-week period, either the parent or director may pull the child out of enrollment without a two week notice given.

Infant Registration

Our Infant room is licensed for 12 infants. Infant space usually fills months in advance. In order to enroll your infant, a $50.00 registration fee and enrollment form is needed at the time of registry. This will guarantee your spot until the first day you attend.

Waiting List

When the program of your interest is full, you can choose to be put on our waiting list. You will be contacted when a position becomes available. If contact cannot be made, your name will be removed from the waiting list. Being on the waiting list does not guarantee a spot.


Toddler Town provides a light breakfast, which consists of cereal, milk and juice. Parents are allowed to bring in any breakfast items for their child if they want anything other than what is provided. A full lunch and afternoon snack is also provided. Let your teacher know in advance if a special occasion arises and you wish to bring in a snack for the classroom. All treats must be store bought and in its original package. Breakfast is served at 6:45am until 7:30am, lunch is at 11:30 and snack is at 2:30/3:00. Please call Toddler Town if your child will be arriving late or departing early for meal count. Monthly lunch and snack menus are posted by the front door for you to review at any time. 

Nap and Rest Policy

Naps and rest must be provided in a quiet area that is physically separated from children who are engaged in activity that will disrupt a napping or resting child. A crib must be provided for each infant for which the center is licensed to provide care. Separate bedding must be provided for each child in care. Bedding must be washed weekly and when soiled or wet. 
Nap time begins right after lunch and ends at 2:00/2:30pm. All children are expected to rest quietly for a minimum of 30 minutes. Children not sleeping after 30 minutes will be allowed to do quiet activities for the duration of nap time. Children are supervised at all times. We ask that you provide a blanket and pillow from home. We ask that you bring these items home the last scheduled day of the week to be washed and then returned.


We are closed on all major holidays including Good Friday. There is no rate reduction if these days fall on your regularly scheduled day. These days off for each year are posted in advance in the front hallway. It is your job to know these dates. If the designated holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the proceeding Friday or the following Monday may granted as the holiday as well.

Bad Weather Closings

Toddler Town may close due to snow or other unforeseen problems. Watch more than one channel for snow closings. If school district 831 (Forest Lake) is closed, due to snow/icy road conditions than so are we. If the school district closes due to extreme cold then we will be open due to the fact we are not affected by bussing. If closing occurs during the work day, parents must pick children up within two hours of phone call. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee agreements are with your enrollment papers. This must be signed and returned. A registration fee of $50.00 per family per year is due with enrollment. Tuition payments are due the first day of attendance each week unless prior arrangements have been made. A $5.00 a day late fee will be added for payment not received on time. Your weekly fee is based on up to a ten hour day. You will be charged hourly for time after 10 hours. If you need a receipt for payment, note this on the bottom of your check. There is a $1.00 per minute late fee after 6:00pm, paid directly to the staff with your child during this time. If a child has been left after 6:15 with no parent call (and parents cannot be reached and the emergency contacts have failed) the child will be turned over to the local authorities.
  • All holidays are paid for if the holiday falls on your reserved days
  • There is a $30.00 charge added for returned checks. After two returned check, cash or cashiers checks will only be accepted
  •  No reduction is given for absences due to illness, unless ok-ed by the director
  • Vacations: One week at ½ pay rate per family per 12 month period, after one full year of tuition
  • Co-pays are due the first & fifteenth of the month. Those on assistance are responsible for payment that is not covered by county
Grievance Policy

In the event that you have a concern, please bring it to your child’s teacher immediately. He/She will gladly work on it with you. Voice your resolution to the problem. If you are not satisfied with the response, contact the director as soon as possible. Positive communication is extremely important to the environment at Toddler Town. The children must feel comfortable and well taken care of at all times.

Behavior Guidance and Tolerance Issues

Toddler Town provides a learning environment and child care combined. We put the safety and well being of the staff and children first. If a child, staff or parent’s behavior threatens the safety or is abusive towards others or a child, the staff or parent will be ask to leave the premises immediately. Further actions will follow if deemed necessary. Children copy what they hear and see. The staff at Toddler Town is here to create a peaceful, relaxing, fun atmosphere. We are here to prepare your child for their upcoming years. We hope they enjoy coming and enjoy those around them as well. Our job is to teach a group of children at one time. Ratios are lower here, which enables us to have more one on one time than others of our caliber, but still have a center based program. In order for this to happen we need to have children here for the same reasons. We can teach alternatives for misguided behaviors. We believe it is important for the children to understand why there actions are inappropriate and to help them alter it. We can teach them acceptable behaviors towards others and how to have positive relationships with others. Your help as the parent is also need to accomplish this task.

Toddler Town’s ground rules per classroom and age are defined the first days of a child’s arrival. Toddler Town has a zero tolerance for disrespect.
  • Children are expected to use all equipment in the center appropriately
  • A behavior log will be filled out for children who continually use inappropriate, disrespectful or negative behavior. This will be kept the child’s file for review at any time
  • Children are expected to play respectfully with and towards others so no one is injured
  • Children are expected to use respectful language, show respect and kindness to others and follow directions
Unacceptable behavior that is continually dealt with will be handled in the following direction:
  • Behavior is dated and recorded by direct staff
  • Staff will conduct a meeting to discuss other methods that could be used to redirect negative behavior in the classroom
  • Parents will be called in for a conference to discuss all other possible means of helping the child better adjust
  • If the director feels it relevant to contact the appropriate professional to help. The parents will be notified and with parental approval, the professional will be contacted
  • Persistent unacceptable behavior will result in termination. A two week written notice from the center will be given. In instances when a child has consciously injured others, the child will be asked to leave the center immediately
Immunization and Health Records

State licensing requires that a complete health care summary be on file within 30 days of enrollment and immunization records must be complete upon enrollment for every child at Toddler Town. It must be renewed each time a child moves from one room to another or changes age brackets. New immunizations must be on record. Please notify us when your child receives new immunizations. As of April 1st, 2017, your child must be fully immunized to attend center care. If a child was enrolled before April 1st, 2017 and the parent conscientiously objects to immunizations, they may continue to attend as long as we have a notarized statement on file. Any child enrolled after April 1st, 2017 must have up-to date immunizations on file.

Illness Policy

Toddler Town must strictly enforce the policies below. State of Minnesota regulates the laws regarding sick children and when they must be excluded from a childcare center and we are required to follow these regulations. We have certain guidelines we must use regarding illness policies. We are licensed as a “well” child care center. We are committed to providing you a safe and healthy environment for your child. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact us before you bring your child. If your child becomes sick while they are here at Toddler Town they will provide a quiet space away from the group to rest until you can pick them up. If you can not be reached we will try your emergency contacts. We need your child picked up as soon as possible to protect the other children. Parents are required to notify us if your child has a contagious disease and we will report it to the other parents. We are not licensed to operate a “sick” child program. Toddler Town director makes all final decisions on all children returning from illness. Children with illnesses are not allowed to return until a physician and/or parent has certified that the child is no longer a health threat to the center and all symptoms have subsided. When a child is home with illness, full tuition is still due, unless otherwise discussed with director. We will not admit any child who was sent home due to illness until 24 hrs has passed. A doctor’s note may be required and accompany the child when returning.

Illness Exclusions
  • A reportable illness that is contagious
  • Any child that vomits
  • A child with three or more loose stools since admission that day
  • Child with a condition that requires more attention than the teacher can give
  • A child that seems uncomfortable and/or inconsolable no matter what the staff tries to do
  • A child with chicken pox ( may return after all lesions are crusted over)
  • A child with conjunctivitis or drainage from the eye (Pink Eye)
  • A child with a bacterial infection such as strep or impetigo and has not completed 24 hours of medication
  • A child with unexplained lethargy
  • A child with lice, ringworm or scabies that is untreated and contagious 
    • (we have a no nit policy regarding head lice)
  •  A Child who has a 100 degree Fahrenheit auxiliary or higher temperature of undiagnosed origin before fever reducing medication is given
  • An undiagnosed rash or significant respiratory distress
The child may not return to Toddler Town until they are symptom free for 24 hours are able to fully participate in normal daily activities. If your child has been exposed to measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, diphtheria or scarlet fever, it should be reported to the director immediately. A doctor’s note will be needed for return. Notification to all parents will be given on all contagious and reportable diseases.

Please help us keep illness down in our center and keep our staff healthy as well. This is beneficiary to everyone.

Other informational numbers:
  • Dept. of Human Services — 651-296-3971
  • Poison Control — 1-800-222-1222
  • Child Services — 651-213-0234
  • County Health Department — 1-800-422-4453
  • Fire /Medical/ Police — 911
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