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Nurturing Infant Care

Toddler Town provides all Infants with a safe and nurturing environment. Infants will have opportunities to develop both large and small motor skills. Primary caregivers will meet your child’s physical and emotional needs throughout the day.

It is Toddler Town’s goal to foster an atmosphere of trust, love, and security. Your child will be involved in activities that will enrich their social, emotional, and physical growth. A written assessment will be available to parents annually. These are usually done in June and November. A conference will also be available at this time if you choose to have one. 

Your Child's Day

The curriculum is based on a different theme every month. All of the infant’s activities are planned around that month’s theme. Themes are changed monthly to help the children grow, learn, and explore in their own way and at their own rate. All activities are planned with your baby’s age and developmental stage in mind. Individual lessons and activities are planned around your child’s meal schedules, during feeding, and diaper times and nap times.
  • Language Development — We help your infant's blooming language skill through the use of songs, stories, and finger plays. We encourage children to use their words
  • Art and Sensory — Activities can be very messy but are a very important part of an infant’s learning process
  • Self-Help — As your baby gets older, teachers will encourage children to feed themselves, wash their hands, and so on 
  • Large Motor — We encourage the babies to participate in games, music, and movement
  • Cognitive and Small Motor — They will be given an opportunity to try out their small motor skills and strengthen the dexterity in their fingers by providing a variety of manipulative toys
  • Social and Emotional — Social play will start with interactions with the primary caregiver and will follow through to learning to play side by side with a friend. Teachers will promote self-esteem and self-worth in all children 
Daily notes are sent home for parents with information about your child’s day, including diaper changes, meal records, nap records, and general mood of your child.

This written infant child care program will be developed and evaluated annually by a qualified teacher. This child care program is available for parents to review at any time.

Infant Room Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been developed for the infant program to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all.
  • Labels — We ask that you label all of your child’s belongings with their first and last name. This includes pacifiers, extra clothing, diaper bags, ointments, bottles, and wet wipes
  • Parents Provide — Diapers, wet wipes, extra clothes, enough prepared bottles for your child’s day, and jar food and cereal until your child is able to eat table foods
  • Bottles — Parents will need to provide formula, breast milk, and whole milk (for infants 1 year and older). All bottles will be kept refrigerated until used. Our caregivers will warm the bottles using a bottle warmer. A bottle is considered expired once it has been warmed and out of the refrigerator for over one hour. If your child does not finish their bottle after 1 hour, it will be dumped. We suggest you always bring one spare bottle for a backup for your child in the event you may be late or your child may need an extra feeding
The following are state guidelines we need to follow regarding infant bottles:
    • Bottles need to come ready to be prepared before coming to the center each day
    • Bottles need to be labeled with the child’s first and last name
    • All bottles need to have covers over the nipples to protect them from airborne illnesses
    • Bottles should only contain formula, breast milk, or whole milk. Exceptions can only be made with a doctor’s orders
  • Food — Once your child is old enough to eat solids such as infant cereal and jar foods, you can send what your child needs. Infant cereal will need to be prepared; we will store it in the refrigerator and warm it prior to feeding. Baby food jars need to be unopened. Homemade food can be brought for your child if you do not use jar foods. Once your child is on solid foods, we can start supplementing food from our menu; families just need to let us know what they want their child to have 
  • Napping — All infants are laid on their backs in their cribs when napping. We do not allow thick blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals in cribs with young infants while sleeping. If you choose to have your child sleep on their tummy, we need to have a permission slip filled out on file
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Toddler Town Infant Program Plan
Ages: 6 Weeks - 15 months

Operational Program
Hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday
Staff to Child Ratio: 1 to 4
Occupancy Limit: 12
Children are supervised at all times.

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